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Credit Scoring and Ratings (Analytics/X-SCore)

Using specially developed analytic tools, the records of credit active individuals are aggregated and made available as a score (X-SCore) that accelerates a prospective lender decision process.

The XDS X-Score was built using our extensive credit databases, combined with leading analytical software modelling expertise. It aims to transform raw bureau data into meaningful information. Using significant predictive power, it provide a simple yet accurate view of your customer’s credit risk score, so you can make quick, consistent and informed decisions.

Benefits of X-SCore Report

  • A powerful standalone scoring solution providing a generic score which can be used across a variety of sectors
  • Reduce the cost of developing and maintaining bespoke scorecards with X-Score for Markets
  • Quick and simple access to an accurate risk assessment
  • The X-SCore Report provides you with the most up to date score with 24*7 availability

Know your Credit Status!

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