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Credit Referencing and Report Services

Trace Report (Consumer)

This report contains the individual salient demographic details, which could be used to trace and authenticate identity details.

The Benefits of Trace Report

  • Address verification (Previous/Present)
  • Useful tool for debt recovery process/procedure
  • Increases the overall efficiency in tracing a potential debtor 


Basic Report(Consumer/Commercial)

Accurately assessing both customers’ affordability and suitability are essential requirements for all lenders who wish to extend credit responsibly whilst minimising their risk exposure. It is therefore strategic for lenders to make accurate assessments of a customer’s ability to repay debt in both the short and longer term.

The Basic Report (Consumer/Commercial) contains the basic credit history of company/individual with present outstanding amount, the type of facility & institution that granted the facility.


 Detailed Report (Consumer/Commercial)

This contains a detailed report on the company/individual with demographic total credit history, public records (judgment records) business directorship, and guarantor details etc.

The Benefits of Detailed Report (Consumer/Commercial)

  • Avoid bad debt and cash flow issues by checking a business.
  • Take the right action when faced with payment problems.
  • Know who you are talking to with director information and company structure.
  • Understand the total credit exposure of the company with knowledge of repayment affordability

Know your Credit Status!

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