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Making decision on the basis of good quality data not only improves the level of results, analysis but also help understand information related problems and thus aid in providing some solutions. The costs and consequences of inaccurate information are immense.

XDS Credit Bureau will continuously identify and correct the problems in your data sources while also addressing the processes that created the poor data.In furtherance of our commitment to turn data into strategic tool for decision making, we have created a data cleaning application that will enhance how data is electronically captured, stored and delivered. Recognizing that data management is vital to the success of any organization, we utilise sophisticated tools to carry out data profiling, integration, augmentation and monitoring.

XDS Credit Bureau is offering the following services as part of a proficient information delivery solution.

  • The cleaning of information stored on hard or soft copy
  • Cleaning and emphasizing correct data capture techniques to potential subscribers (data enrichment)
  • Timely intervention of error identification and report (verify and validate data accuracy)
  • Provision of training and consulting services for potential data subscribers for better handling and capture of data

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